BACR Annual Meeting 2019

Novel combination strategies for cancer treatment:

current challenges and future directions


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8:30 Optional shuttle bus pick-up at Antwerp-Berchem train station

(free but pre-registration mandatory, leaves at 8:30 sharp)

9:00 Registration & coffee
9:30 – 12:15 MORNING SESSION
Chairs: Dirk Verellen & Julie Jacobs
9:30 Michael Baumann, German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, DFKZ, Germany — EACR Sponsored Speaker
Radiation oncology in the era of personalized medicine
10:00 Conchita Vens, Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands

Biological fine-tuning of radiation beam power: DNA repair inhibitors and radiotherapy

10:30 Coffee break & poster viewing
11:00 Young investigators: oral presentations of 4 selected abstracts

  • Pashalina Kehagias (ULB) – Does ctDNA have more clinical value than CA19-9 as an early marker of response in advanced colorectal cancer?
  • Evangelia Bolli (VUB) – Stromal-targeting radioimmunotherapy mitigates the progression of therapy-resistant tumors
  • Elly De Vlieghere (UGent) – Tumor engineering a clinical relevant model that recapitulates the tumor environment of peritoneal metastases in vitro and in vivo
  • Jonas Van Audenaerde (UAntwerp) – Immune stimulation with IL-15 and anti-CD40: a novel combination immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer
12:00 BACR: general assembly
Chairs: An Wouters & Christophe Deben
13:30 Patrizia Agostinis, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium
Integrating immunogenic cell death within the landscape of current cancer immunotherapies
14:00 Young investigators: oral presentations of 4 selected abstracts

  • Quentin Lecocq (VUB) – Human PD-L1 specific single-domain antibody as a theranostic for cancer immunotherapy
  • João Santiago (UCLouvain) – Acidosis drives both metabolic reprogramming and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cancer cells
  • Hasan Baysal (UAntwerp) – Cetuximab-induced ADCC in HNSCC: In vitro study on the role of HPV-status and cetuximab resistance
  • Aline Vanwynsberghe (ULiège) – Vimentin as a potential regulator of EMT-induced Tissue Factor during metastatic progression
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Carine Michiels, University of Namur, Belgium
Radiosensitization through nanoparticles or synthetic lethality
16:00 Evelien Smits, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Combination strategies with immune checkpoint targeting to improve immunotherapy outcome
16:30 Awards ceremony for best oral and poster presentations

Concluding remarks

17:00 Optional shuttle bus pick-up to Antwerp-Berchem train station

(free but pre-registration mandatory, leaves at 17:00 sharp)