The BACR has a rich history of annual meetings, covering the broad field of cancer research. The meetings are hosted by the academic institutions of the board members on a rotation schedule. Below you can find the past meetings. For some meetings, click the title to open that meeting’s page for more information.


2020Cancer metastases: from bedside to bench.VUB
2019Novel combination strategies for cancer treatment: current challenges and future directionsUAntwerp
2018Novel outlooks of omics in cancer researchULiège
2017Therapeutic targeting of the tumor microenvironmentKULeuven
2016Dynamic heterogeneity of cancerULB
2015Microenvironment and tumor metabolismUCLouvain
2014Immunity and inflammation in cancerUGhent
2013Cell death in cancerUAntwerp
2012The role of imaging in cancer researchVUB
2011Hallmarks of cancer revisited and its implications for treatmentULiège
2010The cancer genome: towards personalized treatmentKULeuven
2009Micro-RNAs and cancerULB
2008The tumor micro-environment: new insights and therapeutic perspectivesUCLouvain
2007Use of transgenic mice in cancer researchUGhent
2006Viruses as an important cause of human cancerUAntwerp
2005Impact of hypoxia in cancer treatmentVUB
2004Genomics and proteomics in cancerULiège
2003Signalling pathways in malignancyKULeuven
2002Cell therapies of solid tumorsULB
2001Tumor hypoxia: friend or foe?UCLouvain
2000Invasion and metastasisUGhent
1999Cervical cancer: an old problem with new solutions?UAntwerp
1998Anti-tumor vaccination: from basic research to clinical applicationsVUB
1997Apoptosis in basic cancer research and clinical oncologyULiège
1996Breast cancer - advances and controversiesKULeuven
1995From gene transfer to gene therapyULB


Hosting institutions:

  • KULeuven – Catholic University of Leuven
  • UAntwerp – University of Antwerp
  • UCLouvain – Université Catholique de Louvain
  • UGhent – University of Ghent
  • ULB – Free University of Brussels
  • ULiège – University of Liège
  • VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel