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Abstract Policy


Section 1 – Definition

A member who attends to BACR Annual Meeting is entitled to submit one or more abstracts, as presenting author, for the meeting. With this abstract, the member will communicate his/her scientific findings to the BACR community.


Section 2 – Guidelines

Guidelines for the abstract and its submission can be found online on our website. The abstracts do not have to be on the theme of the meeting, all topics are welcomed.


Section 3 – Eligibility for submission

Only member who renew their abstract or individuals who buy a membership are eligible to submit an abstract for the upcoming meeting. Hence, the presenting author needs to be an active BACR member at the time of the conference.


Section 4 – Deadline for submission

The deadline for abstract submission will be communicated on our website. Please note that by this deadline, the presenting author also needs to be registered for the conference and as such, needs to have bought or renewed his/her membership. Not complying to this prerequisite will render the abstract ineligible to be selected for oral presentation or participation to the meeting.


Section 5 – Withdrawal

Abstracts can be withdrawn until the registration deadline, which will be communicated on our website.


Section 6 – Online abstract book

In the light of organizing a meeting in an ecological responsible manner, we have replaced the printed abstract book with an online digital abstract book which is freely accessible. By submitting an abstract, the authors agree with its presentation in the online abstract book of the meeting. The online abstract book will be shown indefinitely on our website as part of the recapitulation and archive of the Annual Meeting.


Section 7 – Presentation

By submitting an abstract and registering for the Annual Meeting, the presenting author agrees to present his/her work at the conference, either in poster or oral presentation format.

The Board of the BACR evaluates all eligible abstracts for their quality. Presenting authors of selected abstracts will be notified of the selection.

  • Eight abstracts of young investigators will be selected for oral presentation during the Annual Meeting.
  • All other accepted abstracts will be selected for poster presentation during the poster session.

Both oral presentations by young investigators and the poster session are essential components of the Annual Meeting by serving as a platform for young investigators as well as by presenting an update of the cancer research field in Belgium.


Section 8 – Awards

The BACR awards the best presenters of both oral and poster presentations with a monetary prize.


Section 9 – Data collection & storage

By submitting an abstract, the participant gives consent to the BACR to store, to handle and to present your abstract data. The lawful basis for us to process this data is the legitimate interest of the participant to contribute to the Annual Meeting, which the participant has made clear by submitting an abstract. We collect your personal and abstract data during the abstract submission and store them in a secure database. Personal data of the presenting author includes, but is not limited to:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Position
  • Email
  • Address

In addition, we collect data regarding the abstract you submit. These data include:

  • Title of the abstract
  • Content of the abstract
  • Authors of the abstract
  • Author affiliations of contributors to the abstract

All data regarding the abstract, i.e. the data described above, will be automatically converted to a standard template PDF. This PDF version will be distributed on our website as part of the online abstract book. The online abstract book remain on our website indefinitely as part of the meeting archive. By submitting an abstract, the authors agree to have their abstract presented on our website indefinitely.

When the presenting author wins one of the prizes for the best presentation of their research, we collect additional personal data, including but not limited to:

  • Bank account
  • Photographic material

This bank account data is required in order to transfer the prize to the laureate. Bank account data will be stored for a maximum time of one year. The laureate can request to delete this data by contacting us. By accepting the prize, the laureate agrees to the use of photographic material of him/her – relating on the meeting – on our website.

More information on our Privacy Policy can be found by clicking here.


Section 10 – Third Party data sharing

The personal and abstract data collected during abstract submission will not be shared directly with any Third Party. However, the authors agree that these data will be presented indefinitely on our website as part of the freely accessible abstract book.


Section 11 – Contact information

Questions about the Membership Policy should be sent to us at or through the online contact form.